A focal point for reform

“Pink” Zoning refers to a lessening of the “red tape” that can quickly thwart revitalization initiatives. Process inefficiencies, outdated ordinances, and rigid code interpretations often strangle the most creative place-making projects, resulting in urban environments that fall far short of their potential.

One of the core ideas of Lean Urbanism—which emphasizes small-scale, affordable, and incremental urban development—a 'Pink Zone' would enable the City of Detroit to redesign its regulatory approach to development along particular corridors. This might include: allowing small-scale development to bypass certain review processes, preemptive approval of certain building types, or expedited permitting.

The idea is to smooth the path for small business owners, developers, and entrepreneurs seeking to bring commercial vitality back to Detroit’s neighborhoods. 

For more information, see some of the Project for Lean Urbanism's position papers


“Today's codes are accretions of controls, redundancies, contradictions, and delays that stymie their users...despite their intent of fostering livable communities.”

— sandy sorlien and andrés duany, the project for lean urbanism